Power Plate Training on Hong Kong Island

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Barbora Mayor
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I have been doing Power Plate for 2 years and I absolutely love the full body work out it gives me. I have toned up, and I feel fitter and more flexible. Plus each class is only half an hour long, so being time-poor isn't an excuse to not exercise. I would recommend it to anyone.

~ Barbora Mayor
Dimple A. Ganglani
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I never really enjoyed exercising, but Power Plate is amazing! I've been doing it for over four years. It's only 30 minutes and therefore, fits in perfectly with my hectic schedule. After a long day, I feel totally relaxed and stress-free! Thanks to Reeve, who is an Amazing instructor. He tailor makes the workout to suit your needs.

~ Dimple A. Ganglani

One Posture, One Minute Whole Workout, 30 Minutes

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I love Power Plate. I am such a lazy person, have tried all those common stuff like Aerobic, Jogging, Swimming , was a "paying member" in a few studios, but as I moved to Hong Kong I finally found something for me: Body Toning in 30 minutes! That is what I was looking for, I feel very well after the training, stressed out during it ( Reeve, the trainer won't let me rest ), and I am looking forward to the next session. After short period of using it, I can tell that my legs and arms are getting stronger.

~ Simone Roeder
Simone Roeder
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Power Plate is a great way of doing exercise for people with a busy schedule, since it is short and can be easily dealt with. I am quite satisfied by the results achieved under the kind and efficient guidance of Reeve.

~ Catherine Pielawa
Catherine Pielawa

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